Sunday, January 13, 2008

Red Desert Buttes

A couple of new pieces that I did last night. Also, I did get a page of writing done on my book, which was reasonable. Weekends are slow for me, writing-wise, I'm learning. But it's good to take some time to recharge every week.

Red Desert Buttes

Dramatic sunset lighting in a butte-filled desert. This is one of the first images with buttes that I've rendered since Bryce 2.0 back in 1998. How time flies. These terrains were mapped in Geocontrol, which is why they are so much more realistic than some of the recent terrains I created in Carrara alone.

Mountaintop Range - Winter

My third version of the mountaintop range rendering. This time with snow instead of greenery, no trees or helicopter, and even more dramatic lighting. I think this is my favorite version of the three.


Karen Mahoney said...

I like both of these, but the first one is gorgeous. :)

Btw, I keep forgetting that because you're not on LJ regularly, I haven't "friended" you on there - which basically means you won't be able to read my locked posts. I fixed it! Just in case... (Not that you should now rush over there *g* It's just that I've been locking quite a few of my entries, lately, for various reasons.)

Christopher M. Park said...

Thanks, Karen! I was particularly pleased with how that one turned out, too.

Thanks for friending me on LJ -- I'll be sure to check out those locked posts. I thought you had been kind of quiet recently...