Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chapter 12 completed

Well, today was certainly a record -- though to be fair, it was third-draft revision, not first-draft writing. Still: thirteen and a half pages in one evening. I am very close to being done with my revising-expanding process, so that I can move on with writing the first draft of the rest of the book. This is very pleasing, to put it mildly.

The stats as of today:
-49,500 estimated words.
-58,704 actual words.
-Twelve and a portion fully-revised-and-expanded chapters (192.5 pages total).
-198 pages in all.
-Song(s) listened to while writing: Soundtrack to Jet Li's Fearless


Karen Mahoney said...

I can't wait to hear about the next stage - when you dig into that all-new material. :)

I've just started a new book, but it's slow-going for now. I really need to work out a bit more plot before I can move forward!

Christopher M. Park said...

Thanks, Karen! I'll definitely find it exciting to see my total word count going up by much larger amounts at a time, too. No more of this "two steps forward, one step back" stuff.

The start of a new book, with new characters and worldbuilding and such to do, is always the slowest. But it is an exciting time in the life of the project, isn't it?

Karen Mahoney said...

I love that feeling! I've written a few 'actual' pages, but need to slow down and sort some stuff out before I end up writing myself down a dead end. :)

Btw, I was looking back at your old entries, and I still really like the stuff you posted from The Guardian... I know you're done with that for now, but I'd love to see you do another revision or whatever it needs, maybe after you've finished the current project.

Christopher M. Park said...

The nice thing is that even if you write yourself into a corner, there's always revision. I've done that before, several times. But planning ahead makes things smoother, that's for sure!

Thanks for your support of The Guardian, too. As soon as I'm done with Alden Ridge, reworking that novel is going to be my next project. I'm essentially going to replace about 2/5 of the book, and will improve the writing quality of the remaining 3/5. Not sure how long that will take me, but I hope that it will become my second book published.

And I started the sequel to The Guardian, so that might be my next project, assuming that either Alden Ridge or my next iteration of The Guardian sells.

Of course, I have three or four other novel ideas screaming to get out, as it sounds like you do, so I don't know when they will be done -- depends on how loud the scream at any given time, I guess. Too many stories, too little time, right? At least we both know we won't be running out of story ideas anytime soon.