Thursday, January 10, 2008


Four and a half pages (1,200 actual words) of all-new content today, even though it doesn't look it. I cut about four pages that were very old and not very good, so my totals didn't change much, but the new material is something I'm really pleased with. These last few sessions have been extremely good, actually.

I probably could have written more today, but I hit the end of what I had prepared, and so decided to stop. No sense burning myself out. I'll figure out the rest of this scene by the time I start writing tomorrow, and get it written then. The important thing is to be making meaningful , reasonably consistent progress.

At any rate, there is still a bit more old content that I need to do a wholesale replacement of, and then I'll be reaching the best of my old content -- that part should go extremely quickly, by comparison. Then I'll finally be done with my long "revising and expanding" phase, and can press on and write the last third of the book.

The stats as of today:
-49,000 estimated words.
-57,549 actual words.
-Ten and a portion fully-revised-and-expanded chapters (167 pages total).
-196 pages in all.
-Song(s) listened to while writing: Soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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