Friday, January 11, 2008

Prewriting is Writing

Only two pages of writing -- well, prewriting -- today. When I'm finished writing that content, it should be about ten pages of actual prose. I'd have written more, but I have a family engagement. Tomorrow is looking promising, however.


Anonymous said...


I found your novel excerpt and left you some comments at the original post dated September 16, 2007, which may or may not prove useful to you as you work.

Christopher M. Park said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks for stopping by the blog, and for leaving those comments. I actually get notified by Blogger of any new comments that go up anywhere on my blog. I've left a response in return to your September 16, 07 post comments.

Anonymous said...

I'd say that "thinking about writing is writing!" That is if what you are thinking about is what ends up on the page when you later sit down to actually write. I do this quite often, using certain times at work to think about what I'm going to write when I get home.

I also noticed from your previous posts that we evidently share similar ideas as to the length of a chapter. You mention ten chapters and 160 or so pages. Ten chapters in my two novels are at 154 or 157 pages.

Christopher M. Park said...

Hi Dave,

I'd have to agree with your sentiments. Of course, all too often I've come up with great ideas for my work, and then lost it because I didn't write it down (there's often a gap of weeks or months -- years in a few cases -- between when I have an idea and when I actually write it into a novel). So I normally associate "thinking about writing" with the act of writing it down!

Looks like we do definitely have similar ideas on chapter length. My original draft of this book had chapters that were about half this long, but that just didn't feel right. Between 14-20 standard pages seems like the ideal range to me.