Friday, January 18, 2008

Overcast Crags

Overcast Crags

This rendering is notable for several reasons. First, it's the first black and white scene I've ever done. I've always been one for color, but in this case I wanted to do something dramatic and new.

Secondly, this image represents the most accurate "brain dump" of a place from one of my novels. If you look through my art gallery archives, you'll find literally dozens of renderings that I've done to correspond with over eight books (all but two of them unfinished) that I worked on over the years. This one is the best.

This is the edge of the Deep, a sunken netherworld of demons in The Guardian. The chasm itself is miles deep and as wide as a small continent, shielded from the sun by a thick bank of clouds that swirl in an endless, unnatural cycle.


Karen Mahoney said...

I love it. You should do more b&w images.

Christopher M. Park said...

Thanks, Karen! I plan on it. In fact, I just realized that the project I've been working on for the last little while would benefit from being in B&W. Go figure!