Monday, November 19, 2007

Plotting, Revising, and Progress

I only wrote about a page and a half today, but I spent a lot of time catching up on revisions, and also made great progress in my plotting. I'm already set with plot for the next four or five chapters, anyway, but tonight I figured out the resolution of an important sub-plot that I previously didn't know how to handle after a certain point. That sub-plot now properly ties into the climax of the book, and the eventual resolution of the main plot, in a way that I really like.

The latter half of the novel is becoming increasingly concrete in my mind, which really helps to alleviate my worries of getting lost after my current solid plot threads run out. I'm really starting to get a full sense of this entire book, to the point that I think I won't ever completely run out of material before I reach the end. If that happens, that will be a first for me.

The stats as of today:
-42,000 estimated words.
-49,334 actual words.
-Eight and a portion fully-revised-and-expanded chapters (134 pages total).
-168pages in all.

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