Friday, November 2, 2007

More Revisions, More Cuts

But this time, my cuts were from sections I hadn't yet revised. I'm now back up to the point where I'll work on new revisions and new content again. This weekend is going to be busy with family events, but hopefully after that I can finish up chapter 7 pretty quickly and move on to chapter 8, which is probably going to be another all-new chapter (the one I finished plotting a few weeks ago). Things are shaping up well! My goal for this month will be to reach 172 fully revised/expanded pages.

The stats as of today:
-36,750 estimated words.
-43,059 actual words.
-Six-and-three-quarters fully-revised-and-expanded chapters (112 pages total).
-Eleven completed chapters in all (147 pages).


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I'm just testing this again - I've left a couple of comments for you recently but they don't seem to be displaying...

Let's see if this one 'sticks'. :)

Christopher M. Park said...

Hi Karen, this one came through. The last one I saw was the one on the Negative Progress is Good? post. Maybe blogger was having some sort of problem? I don't know, this was the first I've heard of it. Thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I think it happened when I signed in using my google/blogger account, rather than as 'Other' and then putting in my LJ address... This time I did it the long way round (Other), and it seems to have worked. Or maybe I just did something wrong before and didn't pick up on it. :)

Christopher M. Park said...

Strange... you'd think that the blogger way would be more reliable. But, whatever works!