Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Great Swampy Middle

Read this. It's Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files) writing on his strategies for making it through the dreaded middle of your manuscript. I've intuitively used a couple of the strategies that he mentions, as you probably also have, but I wasn't at all organized about it. Having such concrete thoughts and methods as he presents is likely to be a really big help to me, and I hope also to you.

Many thanks to Dwight's Writing Manifesto for mentioning this post in passing (that's another pretty cool blog on writing you should check out, by the way).


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Thanks for the plug, Mr. Chris.

For any wannabe writers out there, that Jim Butcher blog on the Great Swampy Middle, may just be the SINGLE, most-helpful, most-fun-to-read, most-transformative bit of writing advice I ever read.

It changed my life. Really.

Christopher M. Park said...

Of course! Thank you for posting this link -- it came at a great time for me, and is really some of the better advice I've seen, like you say.

By the way, I saw your hook over at BookEnds. Good stuff! I definitely agree with Jessica that your opening is super-strong, but that the second sentence falls flat by comparison. But a lot of people would kill for such an awesome opener.

Karen Mahoney said...

I've seen this post before, but totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! Now that *I'm* mired in my own GSM, it's great timing. :)

Christopher M. Park said...

Sure thing! I had never seen this before, so thought it was really great timing when Dwight mentioned it. Given that I'm, you know, mired there at present, too. How is it that all of us are stuck in the GSMs these days?