Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Further Website Updates

Well, I've been too tired the last few days to do any writing, so I've been getting some other things accomplished that I've been putting off. A number of the posts out of yesterday's plethora were ones that I've been meaning to make for a while, for instance, and today I've been twiddling with the look of the blog/website yet again.

This is always how it is for me with websites. Ever since I put up my first site in 1998, I've had the bug of continual upgrades. Usually there's just something that isn't quite right with whatever design I've put together, and it bugs me until I finally do something about it. Gradually, the design congeals into something I'm happy with. I'm glad that the UI design aspect is only a secondary part of my day job, or I'd probably go insane. Modeling business practices in code is much easier and faster (most of the time).

At any rate, I think the site is gradually hitting the level where it will be hard to make changes without making something worse (which is what usually makes me settle on a given design). I think the addition of the new header helps bring the whole design together, and the new selection of colors is a lot more striking. Also, I've switched to sans-serif fonts, since those are easier to read on-screen (serif fonts are easier to read on paper).

Anyway, I've been tired because I went out of town over the weekend, and then I had to get up early today for a monthly meeting of technology executives that I attend. Tomorrow I should be fully-rested, and I expect to get back on a proper writing schedule.

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