Thursday, October 11, 2007

Art Show at Stephen Parrish's

The always-humorous Stephen Parrish (for some reason, I always have to give him some sort of title when I blog about him -- last time, it was "the indomitable." If you read his blog, perhaps you will see why he inspires this.) has taken it upon himself to do a showing of some of my art. Wow. I'm touched just that someone outside my immediate family would like my art that much, but some of his commentary is the sort of thing you don't expect to hear until your eulogy. I'm really blown away.


Travis Erwin said...

Some great stuff over there. Of those he selected Flame Belt is my favorite.

Christopher M. Park said...

Thanks! I am quite partial to that one, too. I did most of that image in Apophysis, which I've only ever done one other image in. I'll have to revisit that program and do some more renderings in it sometime soon.