Monday, January 27, 2014

The Last Federation - First Alpha Footage (Combat!)

The Last Federation is a really unique game in that it is a strategy/tactics game set inside a simulation game.  Check out our first sneak preview about it, or our preview discussing simulations in the game.  Also our recent podcast with Space Game Junkie with lots of other details, the description of your role as an independent agent in the solar system,  details on the alien races, information about the "butterfly effect" in the game, and the final scene art for all the alien races, some of the planetary art, and a written preview with info about combat.  Oh, and the forums for the game are filled with lots of other detailed tidbits, too.

Alpha Information! Private alpha testing with players is going to be starting the 28th of this month.  If you're interested in signing up, please see this forum post.  Right now we do have open spots still, but we may wind up needing to close signup past a certain point, because we definitely have a pretty huge list of people at this point (and there's only so much feedback we can process at any given time).

The Last Federation is an upcoming grand strategy + tactics hybrid strategy game from Arcen Games. You play as a small mercenary fleet in a solar system teeming with eight alien races of various dispositions. Your goal is to unify the survivors into a solar federation that will bring peace. Doing so requires a lot of mercenary contracts, a lot of political deals and backstabbing, and occasionally strapping rockets to a moon.

This video shows some alpha footage with graphics that are about 90% complete, but missing some important things here and there. Balance on the ships is also a work in progress, as is the enemy ship AI. Even so, the game is already really fun and it is often hard for Keith and I to keep our "tests" to a strictly professional time limit. ;) I actually had intended just to show you one quick skirmish here, but I wound up doing a longer video and showing three, anyhow.

By the way, apologies for the jerky framerate at the very start of the video. It clears up after a bit; something was going on with my hard drive for some reason, and running FRAPS was causing extreme periodic lag for the first couple of minutes of the video.

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Anonymous said...

I really began to think the combat in this game would be terrible thanks for proving me wrong now I am REALLY excited for this game