Thursday, September 27, 2007

Solid Progress on Chapter 6

Five and a half pages today, and most of that was new content! And in only two hours, amazingly. Some scenes flow, some don't. Some days are good, others not so much. It's hard to find any root cause for why things go well or badly on any given day, but suffice it to say that I'm happy the writing went well today.

The stats as of today:
-36,000 estimated words.
-41,954 actual words.
-Five-and-a-portion fully-revised-and-expanded chapters (83 pages total).
-Eleven completed chapters in all (144 pages).

PS -- Finally my time is set correctly on the blog again. It was always an hour behind, and I couldn't figure out why. Most of the time I remembered to correct my post times, but sometimes I forgot. I'd looked through the blog settings multiple times in the past, and finally found the time zone setting tonight. Turns out I was on Cayman Islands time, of all places!

PPS -- Looks like the fix to the time zone as auto-set all of my old times ahead by an hour. Darn. Since I post right near midnight most nights, it's set most of my posts forward by a day. At least things will be correct from now on, though.

PPPS (Is that even a thing? I don't think that it is) -- So, I went back and fixed the dates/times for the entries from the last month, at least (I'm anal like that). However, I apologize for those of you who use RSS readers, because it likely marked a bunch of posts as new, when they really aren't. You can safely just hit "mark as read" for every post after this one in the reader (as if you're hanging on every post, anyway). That's all the P's and S's for tonight, I promise. Good night, all!

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