Friday, April 20, 2007

More Progress On Chapter 6

I wrote a thousand words tonight, and revised about twice that, all in only two hours. A fair bit of the material that I wrote wasn't in my preplanning, either, so that's doubly pleasing. This chapter is really turning out a lot different (better) than I had planned, even though the general themes and emotions that I focus on are mostly the same. I've just found a much better way of evoking them.

Not much else to report on the writing front. I think this is solid material that won't need to be cut much (though there is one sequence that might need to be trimmed down a hair--I'll have to look at it later, and get my wife to look at it, to know for sure). At this point I've only got one smallish scene left to write, and then I'll be done with Chapter 6 at last. That's exciting for me, because chapters 5 and 6 are likely to have been the two hardest chapters for me to write in the whole book, and I'll be past that hump. Those were both transitional chapters of a sort, and that can be wicked hard to do correctly early in a book. I'm sure I'll have hard spots later on in, but I'll already have a lot more material established with the characters, setting, etc, when I get to those. Past experience tells me that that helps a lot.

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