Saturday, April 14, 2007

Major Blog Overhaul, Plus New Website

I've been meaning to set up a website for a while now, but today I finally bit the bullet and did it. You can check out what little is there so far at (I set up my hosting through Lunarpages, which I used from 1999-2003, if anyone is interested). It's nice to have a real web presence again--Blogger is great, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I want to display content that doesn't fit easily into the format of a blog.

As part of the roll out of my new website, I've made a consolidated theme that also spans over to this blog (as I'm sure you have already noticed, unless you're reading this via RSS). The navigation links at the very top take you back and forth between my website and my blog--it's a very graceful transition, I think, even though the website and blog are hosted on two separate servers. If only I could achieve the same level of integration with Picassa... oh well, that just pops open in a new window when you click Art Gallery, so that's not too bad.

Feedback and thoughts on the new blog/site design would be much appreciated. I tried out several ideas, but ultimately went with this one because it is clean and spare. The images on the sidebar give a much-needed bit of color and warmth, I think, without overwhelming the rest of the design. There's a lot of white space here, and I really like that. But what do you think?

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