Friday, March 8, 2013

Two Shattered Haven Videos (Oh And Beta Started Today)

If you missed the announcement on our main news blog, Shattered Haven has now entered beta!  I didn't quite have any video footage ready for the launch, but now I've got two for you.

The voiceovers are done by Prince Taylor, who is the voice of Darrell in the 11 voiced scenes in the game (the bulk of those are part of the various endings you can get, but 4ish of them come during the game itself).

These two videos are pretty much the first public footage of the game, other than a shaky-cam sort of video from a trade show last fall.  It was hard to see much of anything on that older video, and it was a much older version of the game, too.  A lot of players have been trying to get a sense for how this game really plays, and so both of these videos include a solid segment of continuous gameplay footage.

If you like it, remember that the game is 25% off its normal price of $9.99 USD through March 18th, when it goes to 1.0.


1 comment:

JP Lafferty said...

Honestly the voice actor bit at the beginning is like nails on a blackboard to me. I hope we can turn of the talky and just have music and text.

The music sounded perfect and from what I saw the game play looked like this could be a fun game. I hope to play this when it is released. Please consider the ability to turn off the voice actor. I don't want to be down on anyone its more the accent that I found grating. Anyway I will be keeping an eye on this one:)