Friday, October 5, 2012

AI War: Ancient Shadows Includes Almost 100 Minutes Of Music!

Reminder: AI War: Ancient Shadows is going to come out of beta and arrive on Steam on October 19th!  You can currently preorder and get in on the beta at the above link if you wish.  All of the features are now in place for it, and we're just going through final polishing.

Well, except for the music -- we never release the music for an expansion until it comes out of beta.  Makes it all that much more exciting, we think. Speaking of music...

Previously, we simply said that AI War: Ancient Shadows would include "a lot" of music.  Internally we were actually shooting for 90 minutes of music, which is almost double what any of our other expansions for AI War have ever had.  We didn't say that publicly since we weren't sure that we could pull it off in such a crazy short time period -- that was certainly asking a lot of our composer!

But Pablo, true to form, not only met the goal but came in with 98 minutes and 5 seconds of music in all.  Here's the full track list:

AI War: Ancient Shadows
Music by Pablo Vega

Chapter I: The Human Awakening

1. Arise Sleeping Warriors
2. An Unfamiliar World
3. A War Worth Fighting
4. Ambitious Design
5. AI Revolution
6. Ancient Shadows

Chapter II: The Zenith Revival

7. Immortal
8. Imminent Annihilation
9. Inquisition Of The Stars
10. Incarnate Race
11. Imitated And Integrated
12. Ironclad

Chapter III: Revenge Of The Spire

13. Waking To Darkness
14. Worshipped Wasteland
15. Watching The Night Sky
16. Whispers Of Hope
17. Wrath Of The Spire
18. Welcome To The End

Bonus Track: 19. Ancient Shadows - Title

And here are some previews on soundcloud, the first two of which are being shown for the first time today!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I love Pablo's work. Already bought this and I'm really looking forward to hearing more as I get my butt handed to me by the game. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, this work sounds much more cohesive with the ai war "feel" than his previous work. AI War's original soundtrack was his first work, was it not?

Unknown said...

Love the AIW pattern :)