Friday, July 13, 2012

Graphical Preview Of A Few Ships From AI War: Ancient Shadows

In case you haven't heard from our other blog, AI War is getting a new expansion this October.  Awesome!  I can't tell you what any of these ships do yet, but here's a preview of a few:

A mysterious human ship

A mysterious zenith ship

A mysterious neinzul ship

A mysterious human marauder ship

And that's all for now!  Just thought we'd share a little more than the logo and the teaser logo, anyhow, even though most details are still under wraps until we start the beta.  

I also wanted to mention a special thanks to Eldon Harris, who is currently doing a kickstarter for the very graphics components that were used to create these ships.  He's already way more than reached his goal, but given the high quality of the sprite work he's got going on, I figured more people would like to know that the indie graphics builder exists!

More A Valley Without Wind updates, and at least one AI War update (no, not the one with the expansion, sorry), to hit next week!


Gilden said...

Is that the actually size of the ships in game? Also, I can't wait to see them animated with lights. It will be really cool.

Christopher M. Park said...

That's the actual size of the ships in-game, yes! Though we tend not to animate our ships with lights and such since in the heat of battle with explosions and shots and things flying around a ton, it wouldn't be noticeable anyhow. And the rest of the time you're mostly zoomed-out.