Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Pieces Of High-Res AVWW Concept Art

I've been working on doing some new concept art today so that we'd have a better boxart image than the old one, which has been feeling embarrassingly lame lately.  Here are the first two that I've created, and I plan to do at least one more in the next week.

The second one at the moment is the one that I currently plan to use as boxart unless I come up with something better; while I do like many aspects of the first one better, the second one looks better when reduced (which, selling online, is what people see most of the time).

UPDATE: It appears that these weren't quite as ultra-high-res as I'd originally intended.  I uploaded 2200x3300 px images, and blogger sized them down substantially.  Oh well, these are still really large.

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