Friday, August 19, 2011

A Valley Without Wind #14 - Beta Gameplay Footage Part Two (Crafting!)

This time the video is all narration, and covers just about everything I would have said in a blog post after this past week.  So very short post this time, and here's the video:

Video Notes
Gameplay footage after about 30 weeks of development.  No music this time, sorry, as the voiceover runs throughout and is already condensing a lot of info into these twelve minutes.  The volume on the voiceover is better this time; thanks for mentioning it last time!

The first half of this video runs through some tech unlocks, three crafting interfaces, and the inventory.  We know this is stuff people have been wanting to see in action for ages, so we're really excited to finally be able to share it.

The second half of this video shows a bit of the new worldbuilding stuff from the last week.  Specifically, it shows indoor lighting, a very few of the new interior room shapes, as well as showing what happens when you die.  I venture foolishly into a region 6 levels higher than myself, and get killed in one hit when a boss reaches me.

Side note: the very platformy nature of the wind shelter area where I find the lone NPC and put up the wind shelter is somewhat temporary.  The general structure is right, as it makes for efficient organization for settlements compared to what was shown in the first video, but the visuals need some work to make them more cohesive.

Also shown in this video are a number of new or revised spells.  The energy lance visual effeect I could never get looking the way that I wanted because something that moves that fast doesn't do well with a purely particle-based system.  So now we have the energy pulse instead; replacing the visuals but keeping the function.

The new circle of fire and ice cross are the first of new directional kinds of spells, and then the launch rock spell is the first of a new trajectory-based spell system.  Also shown is the heat suit, briefly; although since it was used in an ice age region it was a liability rather than a help.

Until Next Time!
More details and another video coming sometime in the next few weeks.  But definitely not weekly in general, because it cuts into actual development time too much.  But this was definitely a video that has been a long time coming, so we're really excited to share this one in particular.  Enjoy!

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Edmund said...

Might want to tone down the game volume next video. The sound of the spells distracted me and was much louder than your voice when your were spamming them.

Which leads me to ask, will there be different variations of a sound that the spell will produce instead of a single generic one?