Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old AVWW Top-Down Interior Generator Source Code Now Released

As promised, the source code (and runtime) for the old Interior Generator for the top-down version of AVWW has now been released.  If you want to read about what it is and what it does, please see the link above -- it's described in great detail.

And here is where you can download the source and runtime.

What's new in this version, since the blog post linked above?  Well, the cleanup processes have grown and grown, so there's something like 60 unique cleanup steps now.  It also builds even more varied interiors between the various interior styles, too.  I also started using chasms for the "remainders" where a wall wouldn't fit but I wanted to have something blocked off -- that worked out really well.

I'm sure there are still some little glitches here and there where something gets placed in a way that violates perspective, etc.  I had fixed most of those, but when we made the switch to a side-view this particular style of interior generation got tabled and so that was basically the end of this program for Arcen.

However, if you're making procedural interiors for a game that is top down, especially if it's tile-based with a faux perspective -- like so many pixelart games are -- then I welcome you to use this!  We'd appreciate credit if you feel like it, or at least a heads up that you're using it just for our own curiosity, but you're not legally obligated and it's not a huge deal to us either way.  Consider this released under the MIT license, and if you find it useful I'm glad.  Enjoy!


mlaskus said...

Oh, I'm definitely going to play around with this. Thanks for releasing it Chris.

Christopher M. Park said...

My pleasure! Hope you enjoy. :)