Monday, October 4, 2010

Punchbag Artists

In this recent article at Resolution Magazine, Joel Goodwin discusses the effect of destructive criticism on game developers.  Yours truly is one of a handful of developers quoted in there a couple of times, which is cool, but it's a rather important article regardless of my ties to it.  In the end, I think Gabe Newell had the most interesting points to make (I never though of it that way), but I enjoyed reading how all the developers quoted deal with the abusive comments that are endemic to publishing anything on the Internet.  Definitely worth a read!


Harbour Master said...

Thanks for the link, Chris, and again for your input for the article. I probably could've made an article twice the size with all the wonderful responses I got - everyone was more open and helpful than I was expecting.

Christopher M. Park said...

My pleasure! Thanks for getting in touch about it. That's definitely an important issue that needs to be discussed; though of course the people most in need of reading it probably will just stop by to say it F'ing sucks or similar. ;)

Christopher M. Park said...

As fate would have it, today provided an excellent example of me being a punching bag: Sometimes it gets to you more than usual. Reddit has always been a relatively safe place for me, so this one hit hard and unexpected. The gall, the arrogance, the misinformed views... it's enough to make one want to take up drinking, sometimes. Sigh.