Monday, December 3, 2007

More on Chapter Ten

Two and a half new pages today, and I revised all my content from Saturday. I managed to efficiently finish off a scene that I was worried would drag out, so that was a pleasure. Next writing session, I need to write one more scene, and then I'm up to replacing some preexisting content. I suppose I'll need to heavily-rewrite/replace about a chapter's worth of material that just doesn't fit anymore (and which was boring and fragmented to begin with, so needed a heavy rewrite regardless), and then I should have a couple of chapters of smooth sailing where my rewriting is fairly minimal. And then I'll finally be done with my rewriting/expanding efforts, and will be able to move on with the rest of the book. I'm hoping to hit that point by the end of December, if not sooner. I suppose we'll see if I hit that goal this time...

The stats as of today:
-45,250 estimated words.
-53,263 actual words.
-Nine and a portion fully-revised-and-expanded chapters (147.5 pages total).
-181 pages in all.


Karen Mahoney said...

Good stuff on the new pages!

Can I ask a question? What do you mean by "estimated" and "actual" words? Is this the difference between Word's wordcount tool and standard manuscript wordcount? I'm probably just been dumb...

Christopher M. Park said...

Hi Karen,

Sorry for the delay on this, but blogger is apparently having trouble sending out emails notifying of new comments. I saw that The Rejector had noted that she was having problems, and when I looked, sure enough I was, too.

The actual word count is that which is reported in word. The estimated word count is what most agents actually want to hear about when you query them. More on that here.

Good question, though -- not something that I knew anything about until reading on agent/editor blogs about this.

Karen Mahoney said...

Thanks, I suspected as much, but I still don't really 'get' the difference... I'll check out that link. :)