Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blogger Reflection Award

Many thanks to the very humorous and insightful Stephen Parrish for tagging me with the Blogger Reflection Award, which is, as he notes, not so much an award as a gesture. Still, it's nice to hear that one's blog has been of value to someone (even if it's not updated as often as one would like recently).

Now it's my turn to tag, so here goes (in no particular order)...

- Stephen Parrish himself is the funniest and has the most-interesting-topics-I-wouldn't-otherwise-read-about.
- Anne Mini is the most knowledgeable person on everything writing that I know. And she shares her knowledge for free! Amazing!
- Colleen Gareau (through her blog) has taught me more about Canada than I ever knew before, including an number of things about Canadian politics and civil rights that I might never have encountered before (since I live in the USA).
- Karen Mahoney (who has only recently left livejournal for Blogger, so has few archives at the moment) is by far the most refreshing aspiring writer's blog that I've found. She undergoes the same trials and tribulations as the rest of us, but her posts generally try to find the positive in these things, and she is frequently insightful. Just check out her recent post on Writer's Block if you aren't convinced.
- Jamie Boud is the only diary-style blog (about nothing in particular) that I read. It's a really good read (and the pictures are routinely excellent as well).
- Rachel Vincent is the most interesting new-author blog that I read at present. It's exciting and informative to see how her career is progressing.

Of course, there are many other blogs that I read and enjoy, time permitting, but these are just a few highlights (out of those that don't belong to agents).


Karen Mahoney said...

Ah, Chris... That's so nice! I'm blushing... ;)

Yes, here I am on Blogger. It'll be easier to stay in touch with the blogs I like to read over here, now. Hopefully you'll be posting more writing-related stuff, soon. I know Life gets in the way sometimes - believe me, I know! - but I miss hearing about your progress.

Colleen said...


Thanks so much for this mention. I am just tickled that you're interested in my "home and native land." Thanks also for pointing out other blogs for me to check out. (I'll have so many more excuses for not getting my work done now!)

All the best,

Christopher M. Park said...

Of course, Karen! :)

I definitely think that blogger is a bit of a nicer system than livejournal overall, though I do really like how livejournal has threaded comments and response-emails that are sent to commenters. If blogger would just do that, it would have the whole package, in my opinion.

I should be posting more writing-related stuff soon. I've been on a bit of a hiatus, for many various reasons, and I'm itching to properly get back into the saddle. Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy the progress updates, though; sometimes I wonder if that sort of thing is actually of interest to anyone but myself.

Christopher M. Park said...


Of course! I've always been a bit interested in Canada, and have known a number of Canadians, but never have known much about the aspects you frequently blog about.

Glad you like the links to the other blogs, as well. Like any of us need more excuses for not getting work done... :)

Karen Mahoney said...

I *love* reading the progress reports. That's one of the main things that inspires me to read a blog - how much content about writing is there? Keep them coming! :)

Christopher M. Park said...

Good to know! Thanks for telling me!