Friday, June 8, 2007

What's the longevity of blogs?

Today I found this interesting post over at TechRepublic. From the post:
Security expert and tech curmudgeon Bruce Sterling famously quipped at this year’s South-by-Southwest conference that “I don’t think there will be that many [blogs] around in 10 years. I think they are a passing thing.”

Interesting. But I agree more with "The Trivia Geek," the author of the post, who puts forth his own theory on why blogs will, in fact, survive. There probably won't be nearly so many blogs, since those participating purely because of blogs' current fad status will likely move on, but good blogs will likely always remain until another tool comes along that is better able to "let writers write."


Rachel V. Olivier said...

Well - I sure enjoy them.

Rob Brooks said...

I think blogs will be here for the long run. They'll evolve from how they exist now, but I believe this platform won't go away. IT gives so much freedom, for anyone to be able to sit down and publish their own work, or their thoughts, or just to communicate with friends. It's a very versatile medium, and I'm sure it will change, but not die out.