Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Revising is Writing

Even though I spent over an hour and a half working on my manuscript tonight, I didn't write any new scenes. In fact, I lost word count -- about 200 words. Why, then, am I so pleased with the result of my labor? I've been revising, and in revising turned the first draft of last night's scene into what it should actually be.

The first and second drafts of a scene often require nearly the same amount of work and thought as one another. The second draft is just as much writing as the first draft is, even though it rarely produces much word count; that's what I think.


Colleen said...

Way to go! It sounds like you're feeling good about what you've written and that, in itself, is pretty wonderful.

Christopher M. Park said...

You're telling me! My attitude is finally getting more where it should be, and that makes the entire writing process smoother. I'm finally getting my confidence back, and that's the main difference.