Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Art Online

As part of the rollout of my new art gallery system, I've added a lot of new content to my gallery. Whereas on Picassa I had only ten galleries, in the new system I've now got seventeen main galleries and sixteen sub-galleries. In all, there are now 399 pieces in my online collection -- that's a lot more representative of the work that I've been doing over the last nine years.

Of particular note is a new album called 10th King. This is my latest album, and is still a work in progress. I haven't been doing much art since third quarter 2006, so I was also really pleased to recently produce these:


Stephen Parrish said...

When I first looked at your site I checked out your art and found it, in a word, spectacular.

You haven't given me any reason to change my mind today.

Christopher M. Park said...

Thanks Stephen! I'm really glad you enjoy it.