Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miss Snark--Retiring? Where to go now?

Sadly, yes. Even though I didn't always agree with everything she said, she was always a source of entertainment and great information. She seemed truly devoted to helping writers improve themselves and break into the business. She will be widely missed.

So, where to go now? I do have some suggestions:

Nathan Bransford is a young, but very savvy, literary agent who makes regular posts each weekday. I believe a lot of Snarklings are already "Branfans" as well, but it bears repeating. His posts are generally focused more on the business of agenting and publishing than on writing. He's as entertaining and genuinely informative as Miss Snark.

Anne Mini is a writer and a freelance editor who also makes daily posts on the business of writing. She tends to tackle major problems in writing from the writer's point of view, and regularly goes into more depth on such issues than any blog I've ever seen.

The Rejector is a literary agent assistant who makes less frequent posts than the above, but who also has things of value to say. She's also somewhat snarky at times, so you can get your occasional snark fix here.

Rachel Vater is another blogging literary agent, and while her posts do tend to be pretty infrequent, they are real gems when they do appear.

Kristen Nelson is a literary agent whose blog is well worth your time. She posts nearly daily, and her topics are informative and wide-ranging.

Jessica Faust is a literary agent as well, and while her blog does sometimes have advice that is very specific to a few specific genres (mystery, suspense, romance), the majority of her posts are of broader interest as well. Definitely worth a look.

Miss Snark will be missed, but aspiring writers have no reason to despair. Fortunately for us all, she wasn't the our only ally in the business. Not by a long shot. So farewell, Miss Snark, and best of luck in your work.

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