Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AI War: Ancient Shadows Marauder Starbase Teaser

We had hoped to be at a point where we could reveal a lot more information about Ancient Shadows this week, but as it turns out most of that is going to need to wait until next week. 

Still, we don't want to leave you empty-handed -- so here's a screenshot of what Keith is working on code-wise, and what I've just completed visually.

Keith's notes on the screenshot:
- Is that a nebula in the background?
- Why is that wormhole blue?
- What are the Marauders doing with a starbase?
- Wait, starbase?
- Backwater areas?
- What is a H-S-FF?
- And what is in that planetary summary sidebar? (the ship images in the sidebar are placeholder, fyi).
 We should have something a lot more meaty for you next week -- knock on wood!

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3dfx said...

About time you updated the graphics a bit :)