Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Autumn Storm (and progress)

Here's a new piece that I rendered today in Carrara.

Autumn Storm

As of the time of its creation, this is my favorite image that I've done in Carrara. I hope you can taste the crispness of the air, smell the tang of the storm rolling in towards you as the clouds scud across the sky. This is some of my favorite weather, and I'm really pleased to have captured it like this.

This was also my first Geocontrol terrain rendered at 4096 resolution -- makes a big difference in the realism factor, doesn't it?

Also, I managed to make four and a half pages of progress on my novel. All right!

The stats as of today:
-49,500 estimated words.
-58,647 actual words.
-Ten and a portion fully-revised-and-expanded chapters (172.5 pages total).
-198 pages in all.
-Song(s) listened to while writing: Soundtrack to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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