Monday, May 6, 2013

Nick Trujillo Presents: Skyward Collapse Comic Page 1

I became aware of Nick Trujillo through the Strip Search reality show that Penny Arcade has been running.  Nick was my personal favorite to win, so I was surprised to see him eliminated when he was.  Bad days happen to everyone, though.

I have a huge love of comics in general, and so had been looking at the art that all the SS cartoonists had been doing on their websites.  Hugely awesome stuff across the board.  But when Nick was eliminated, I knew immediately I wanted to reach out and do a sort of PA Presents style of comic to help explain our newest game in a humorous fashion.  It's always a challenge to get our message across clearly and concisely, but I also felt like Nick could create a work that would be funny and interesting on its own merits.

So here we are!  This is the first of five pages, which will be released periodically leading up to the release of Skyward Collapse later this month.  Enjoy!

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