Monday, September 26, 2011

A Valley Without Wind: Public Beta Begins Now! (Plus New Trailer)

Today is the day that the public beta finally begins!  We've fixed up the website with new information, screenshots, and all the recent videos, including the one below.

Most importantly you can now download the demo, and give the first six civilization levels a full crack if you think the game sounds interesting.  The only restriction is that your civ level can't go past level 6.  If you're loving it, here's the preorder page in our online store where you can get the game for 50% off during early beta -- only $10 USD!

Here's the beta trailer:


Tankor Smash said...

Hey, stoked to try it! Looks great so far!

Aankhen said...

Heh… I had to click through five pages to get to the point where I could download the demo through WorthPlaying, and then it gave me a 404.

In any case, congrats on getting this far! Looking forward to playing it just as soon as I get it from of the other mirrors.