Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indie XMas, And The Start Of A New Adventure

First off, let me plug the Indie Games Xmas 2009 Calendar. This was something originally proposed over on the excellent GameProducer blog, which we at Arcen quickly knew we wanted to be a part of. The idea is that this is an Advent Calendar wherein every day a new indie game, trailer, or similar is released. As it turns out, the first day (today) is revealing AI War. Be sure to check back every day of the month for more updates on lots of great indie games, however; the idea is to promote some great gems you might not otherwise have heard of during a season where the AAA games typically steal the spotlight.

In other news, coincidentally this is also my first day working fulltime for Arcen Games. Up until now I've also been holding down a day job as the CTO of a SaaS software company, but since our 2.0 release and release on Steam, Arcen is now doing well enough to support myself and our composer fulltime in addition to our artist, who has been fulltime since August.

My posts tend to be lengthy, but for this momentous (to me) post, I'm going to keep it quite brief. I've been at my past company for over 8 years, and I'll really miss the people and the clients there -- it's been a great time there, and I'm a bit bummed to no longer be part of that great team. Of course, it was my own choice to leave, and at the same time as I am a bit sad about leaving my last post, I couldn't be happier or more excited about moving into fulltime game development. There's lots of exciting stuff brewing for Arcen in 2010, so I'll be sure to post about that as they come up!

And, you know, I'll post some more on game development topics before too long, too! It's just been a very busy month.


Evil Engel Sanchez said...

Congratulations on your move! Don't mind the legion of people like me living our dreams vicariously through you ;).

Juuso said...

Thanks for the plug and congraz on your move!

Christopher M. Park said...

My pleasure, Juuso -- and thanks for the congrats!